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Packing And Unpacking

Riteway Movers is an affordable full-service moving company that offers Full or Partial Packing services in Calgary & Edmonton.

We know that packing can also be tedious and time-consuming, if not done right. It requires a little preparation and know-how and that is precisely what our team is here for. With our years of experience as one of the best moving companies in Calgary & Edmonton, we can organize and pack your home or office and also unpack it at the new location.

Image - Moving company worker packing cardboard boxes.

Want to Pack Yourself? Here are a few tips to help you pack:

Separate the fragile items into several different boxes (glassware, dishes, figurines, etc.) before encasing them in two layers of unprinted newspaper. Wrap fairly tightly, but leave enough clearance around the item so that it is not compressed.
Do not stack really heavy items on the panels in the boxes. If possible, try to make the box fully rectangular, with nothing overhanging from its edges.
  • Take advantage of special cartons designed especially for packing lampshades, mirrors, pictures, and so on. Tape boxes on top of each other and keep all sides sealed.
  • Unpacking your items start one room at a time. Label each carton so you know what the contents are intended for, and the amount of each box for packing the room.
  • Mark those items you will need right away, and mark delicate items as “FRAGILE”.
  • Do not pack paints, solvents, pressurized cans, and corrosive items like bleach or anything else flammable. The law prohibits movers from carrying flammable gadgets. Carefully dispose of any items that can become flammable or damage it.
  • Use tissue paper or unprinted newspaper. Newspaper ink can ruin some items. Two-inch plastic tape and a pair of scissors are recommended.
  • When packing computers, use original boxes when possible. If not, use a box that is sturdy enough to hold the computer and fill it with unprinted newspaper. Do not use bubble wrap or any decorative material that might cause static.


Riteway Movers - Best Home & Office Movers in Calgary & Edmonton