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Moving Supplies

We also offer an array of moving supplies, including moving boxes, packing paper, and packing tape in Calgary & Edmonton. Our moving expertise is reflected in our comprehensive product line.

Unsure what you need to facilitate your move? Our professionals will help you find the right supplies for your upcoming move.

Image - Moving tape and scissors propped on top of a moving box.

No matter what products you will be attempting to pack, we have boxes in various sizes and shapes to accommodate your needs!

Small Boxes

2 cu. ft
18″ x 15″ x 12″
Perfect Size for small and heavy things, like the books sitting in the basement, DVDs, cans and much more.

Medium Boxes

4.0 cu. ft
18″ x 18″ x 21″
Our most versatile box, good for toys, lampshades, dishes and other kitchen accessories.

Large Boxes

5 cu. ft
18″ x 18″ x 27″
The Big Box is good for the big and light stuff like bedding, pillows, and comforters.

Wardrobe Box

24″ x 21″ x 48″
Don’t need to take off those hangers, just hang them on the wardrobe bar and onto your new closet.

A few other things we thought you might need –

Image - Close up of man hold tape dispenser seal box relocating to new house or apartment, male renter or husband packing packages with adhesive scotch tape on moving day.

We are a one-stop shop for all of your moving needs. Come visit our retail store located at 230 Sioux Road Sherwood Park, Alberta.


Riteway Movers - Best Home & Office Movers in Calgary & Edmonton