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Moving Checklist

Image - A woman marking the checklist, as they pack a box.
  • 1

    Make an inventory of everything that needs to be moved. Your first concern should be addressing this early on. Verify every room in your home, and record an inventory of everything that needs to be transported. Visit each room and decide what to take with you and what to discard.

  • 2

    Sort out and store away any unnecessary clothing or furniture. Once you have a finished list of everything to be moved, you can donate or dispose of things that you no longer need.

  • 3

    Create a budget for your relocation expenditures. You will probably require the services of moving specialists, purchase securities, and set up a flat-screen television, but we advise you to avoid making rash decisions.

  • 4

    Read over all the paperwork your movers provide you before agreeing to anything. Be mindful of any legal paperwork related to your house moving. This step is really important that’s why it’s 4th on the checklist.

  • 5

    Keep your moving valuables covered by insurance. Make your moving plans ahead of time, and do not delay your move in case you have a parking permit.

  • 6

    Take the opportunity to donate or sell items that you no longer use or that are no longer in a sellable condition. Remember to take inventory of your pantry, and freezer, and be better equipped.

  • 7

    Begin packing the rest of your home room by room by actively starting one room, followed by another. As you work to pack each room, ensure you're leaving behind nothing of use or you may be required to remove it in your new home. Don't leave any curtains, rugs, and mats behind, as they may be needed when you move to your new home.

  • 8

    Anything that can be sealed in boxes should be. All boxes should be brought, wrapped tightly, and stacked together.

  • 9

    Sort all the appliance manuals and warranties in one area for the new occupants. Put them in a place where the new occupants can easily find them.

  • 10

    Take snapshots of all storage devices prior to connecting them, so that you will know how to reconnect them after moving in.

  • 11

    Rather than reading manuals, taking photographs can help you assemble the device or will teach you how to do it in less time at your new location.

  • 12

    Put your valuable belongings into an airtight, break-resistant lockbox to keep your valuables safe. It will ensure that you keep your resources in one consistent location so that you do not have to swap out or hunt for a place to put them.

  • 13

    Don’t forget to place the following items in your essentials box:
    ✦ Toilet Paper
    ✦ Phone Chargers
    ✦ Snacks Coffee
    ✦ Scissors
    ✦ Garbage Bags
    ✦ Paper Towels
    ✦ Change of Clothes
    ✦ Dish Soap and Towel
    ✦ Dish Portable Tool Kit
    ✦ Minimal Cleaning Supplies
    ✦ Mug Plate Cutlery

  • 14

    Make sure that you have a sense of security when you leave your house, check these before leaving:
    ✦ Turning off the water
    ✦ Switching the lights off
    ✦ Locking the windows
    ✦ Turning in the keys
    ✦ Looking for any items left behind
    ✦ Additionally, make sure that your thermostat has been set to an appropriate level, depending on the season, in case you are leaving the house in the summertime.


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