Q: I’m scaling down to a smaller home. I know my furniture will fit. Does that mean I’m all set?

A: Unfortunately, possibly not. Many people overlook the space that smaller items such as knickknacks, photos, CD collections, books, spare clothes, etc. will take up. If in doubt, you may wish to consult with an interior decorator or other professional with experience in evaluating space.

Q: Can the moving company dispose of excess trash?

A: Yes, but there is a charge for items taken to the dump, both for labor involved in driving to and from the dump, as well as a disposal fee imposed by the management of the waste disposal location.

Q: Is it possible to move during inclement weather?

A: Professional movers are prepared to move during rain, sleet, or snow if need be. They come equipped with supplies to keep your belongings safe from the elements. However, in an effort to keep costs down, you may wish to shovel or rake or otherwise clear the access in preparation for their arrival rather than paying your moving crew their hourly rate to remove such obstacles.

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