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Moving Expenses FAQ’s

What can I do to keep costs down during my move?
Can I keep costs down by having a family member or friend help with the move?
How is the cost estimate determined on a local move?
Should I tip my movers?
Is labor the only moving cost I will experience?
Are there any “unexpected” costs I should be aware of?
How accurate will the cost estimate for my move be?

Moving Day FAQ’s

How will the movers know what items to take and what to leave behind?
How long do you have to wait to plug in a fridge after moving it?
Can the crew members arrange the furniture to my liking in my new home?
I’ve got possessions that I want to be treated with extra-special care. How can I guarantee this?
If I have items that I absolutely need on move day, should I point them out to my crew?

Preparations FAQ’s

I think my home construction will finish by the first of the month and would like to move as soon as possible thereafter. Can I move that same day?
I want to do some packing and moving of small items before the movers arrive. What areas would be most helpful?
How can I prepare things to help save time and money?
What should I do with my household plants?
What should I do with hazardous items?
What do I need to do to prepare my appliances for the move?
I’d like to get rid of things before I move, but I’m really too busy to take the time. Is it okay to move every item and hold a garage sale at my new home?
I have some items I’d like to keep, but they won’t fit in the space of my new home. Should I store them?
I’m on a limited budget, and can only afford to hire professional movers for a portion of my move. What should I ask them to do?
What can I do to ensure that my belongings end up in the correct room?
What should I pack to include in the crate, and what should I leave to be loaded by the professionals?

Miscellaneous FAQ’S

I’m scaling down to a smaller home. I know my furniture will fit. Does that mean I’m all set?
Can the moving company dispose of excess trash?
Is it possible to move during bad weather?
How much does moving cost?
What’s the best time for me to move?
Can we do our packing?
Do you have storage facilities?
Riteway Movers - Best Home & Office Movers in Calgary & Edmonton