Packing & Unpacking

Are you stressing over all the packing required before moving? We are here to help. Riteway Movers has a team of expert packers. We provide full packing, partial packing and unpacking services.

Want to Pack Yourself? Here are a few tips to help you pack like a pro.

  • Wrap fragile articles using two layers of unprinted newspaper for each glass, dish, figurine, etc. Wrap firmly but loosely enough to provide a cushioning effect.
  • Don’t overcrowd boxes. Articles should cushion each other. The top of the box should close with slight pressure. Don’t mix incompatible items (like books with glasses).
  • Pack lampshades, mirrors, pictures, etc. in special cartons designed for these items. Tape boxes across tops and edges. Seal every opening tightly.
  • Pack your belongings room by room to make unpacking easier. Label each box with the room the box is designated for with a brief description of the contents.
  • Mark items you will require immediately, and mark delicate items “FRAGILE”.
  • Don’t pack paints, turpentine, pressurized cans, and corrosive items like bleach or any flammable liquid. The law prohibits movers from carrying flammable items. Properly dispose of items which could cause fire or damage.
  • Use unprinted newspaper or tissue paper. Newspaper ink can soil and even damage some items. Two inch plastic tape and a utility knife are recommended.
  • When packing computers, use original cartons when possible. If not, use a box strong enough to hold the computer and pack it with unprinted newsprint. Do not use bubble wrap or any material that could cause static. Remove all ink cartridges from the printer.

Also please use our Wardrobe Boxes for free; just return them after the move. We also sell boxes, tape, and other packing supplies.