Choose Movers Wisely by Riteway Movers

Red Flags

Even after you have thoroughly researched a company, you may have a few lingering concerns. If you see any of these red flags, move on to the next company on your list:

– There is no contact information on the moving company website, and there is no local address for this mover.

– Rather than answering phone calls with the company name, the representative uses general terms to refer to the company. Worse, there isn’t a receptionist that answers, just a recorded message.

– The moving company only accepts cash and requires large up-front fees or deposits.

– The moving company claims that their insurance will cover all of your household goods.

– Rather than agreeing to a pre-move inspection of your goods, the mover agrees to move your possessions without seeing them.

– When the moving truck arrives, it is not marked with the company name.

Trust you’re Instincts

The biggest factor in making a decision about a mover is your own gut reaction. If something just doesn’t feel right to you, go with that initial reaction and move on to another company. There’s enough stress involved in moving without having to wonder if you made the right choice in moving companies.

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