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15 things to get rid of before you move

15 things to get rid of before you move

1. Old mugs

Cups that have permanent stains or are broken need to be thrown away.

2. Clothes you haven’t worn for years

A great idea is to donate them to the needy as a gift of goodwill. This will also give your new wardrobe some space for new clothing.

3. Unwanted DVDs and CDs

We all have DVDs and CDs lying around here from the 2010s or before but as we progress in a digital age and rely on new appliances we need to discard old technology.

4. Unused or unusable appliances

You might have a grinder that you used once and didn’t get repaired or some appliance from your mother’s time that needs to be discarded.

5. Old or damaged furniture

You might have a chair whose one arm is damaged beyond repair or a bed that makes too much noise; it’s time to discard those.

6. Old books no more in use

You might have kept some books from a young age thinking you’ll read them one day or you might have books that are not relevant to your needs.

7. Toys or games you have outgrown

While moving through old stuff you might come across some toys which bring about nostalgia. It is time to move on to better things in life, you can keep one or two but if you have a whole bunch of toys, make sure to discard, donate or sell them.

8. Stained containers and dishes

Old and rusty containers will not add to the ambiance of the new place you are moving to. Let go of old stained containers and buy new ones.

9. Old paint

You might find some sticky old cans in which the paint has dried off or the color is no longer usable. Now might be a good time to throw them.

10. Expired medications

No one want’s to take expired medicines because instead of helping you they can land you in a hospital. Double-check the expiry dates and throw out the irrelevant ones.

11.  Out of date electronics

You might find an old mobile phone, charger, or earphones that are no longer usable. Make sure to dispose of them in a certified electronics dumping place.

12. Shoes that have worn down

You might feel like holding on to those pair of shoes that you kept a few years ago thinking you’ll wear them again. Get rid of them or donate them someone might have a better use for them.

13. Old papers

You might have some paper clips or papers in between files that you thought will have importance anytime in the future, now’s a good time to go through all of them and throw out the ones that are unnecessary.

14. Tools that you don’t use

You might not have the knowledge to use those tools or they are too rusted now to be used. Discard them in a safe manner.

15.  Sheets and towels

If you wouldn’t want a guest to use them, you shouldn’t be using the towels either. You can also use them as packing supplies and discard them after moving or use them as a cleaning cloth.


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